System BBS800


400mm x 800mm x 400mm

(f) 0,16 m2 - (o) 0,13 m3 - (m) 0,30 t
The smallest element of the system. It is irreplaceable in evening the vertical edges of the walls.


800mm x 800mm x 400mm

(f) 0,32 m2 - (o) 0,26 m3 - (m) 0,60 t
The element of the system used to fill up smaller sections of the laid construction.


1200mm x 800mmx 400mm

(f) m2 - (o) m3 - (m) t
Standard element making the structure of the errected walls.


1600mm x 800mmx 400mm

(f) m2 - (o) m3 - (m) t
Special element for changing the angle of the errected construction (eg. walls or partitions). A single tenon at the end allows for indenting two sequences of elements at any required angle.


1600mm x 800mm x 400mm

(f) 0,64 m2 - (o) 0,51 m3 - (m) 1,18 t
Basic element of the system used for effective filling of longer segments of the erected constructions.